Although our primary funding comes from concert ticket sales, you can help assure the continuance of our long and proud history by donating funds directly to the General Fund of the chorus. These gifts may be used to support any area of need that arises during the current year. Why not add your name to the list? Any amount is welcome. Contributions are tax-deductible.

A second support option is available for you through a donation to the Apollo Club Foundation.

These funds will be added to the current endowment and only the annual earnings from the fund would be distributed according to the by-laws of the foundation. Each contribution received helps the endowment grow and offers long term stability for the chorus.

Gift level recognition for both the General Fund and Foundation:

FRIEND: $25 TO $249
SUSTAINER: $250 TO $499
PATRON: $500 TO $999

Be sure to indicate which fund you want your contribution to, the General Fund or Apollo Foundation.


Apollo Club of Minneapolis - Foundation
PO Box 300541
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Foundation officers and chorus members thank you! 


Jeff Lorsung - President
Tim Nichols - Vice President
Andy Morantz - Secretary
Chan Handberg, Jr - Treasurer
Shawn Jones
Curt McDougall
Ray Peterson
Joel Quinnell
Aston Wood, Jr